Morrisons Fairtrade Italian Blend Coffee

Morrisons Fairtrade Italian Blend CoffeeLet's get to the point. It's awful. Which is a shame as the packaging looks good - just the way we like it. But the smell is of ashtrays and the taste is like eating an egg box that's been used as an ashtray. There's no depth of flavour at all either - you really need to spoon it up to even get to the heady heights of an ashtray. Best avoided really - it scores badly - though not as badly as some other ash-tray classics - as at least I could finish the cup. This must be some cheap Robusta beans in here - no mention of Arabica on the packet. Boo. (4/10)

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"The beans grown to make this delicious coffee have come form the rich fertile soils on the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountain range in the Democratic Republic of Congo where coffee plantations have grown up over the last century. This particular heavy bodied coffee has a well structured and full flavour with a long finish and fine bitterness"

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I couldn't taste the card board till it was bought to my attention, before that it just had a funny taste to it which I wasn't sure was a plus or a minus. The packet though had a great colour scheme and a spoon of coal on the front which we later learned was the source of Nooges ashtray 'notes'. To actually make the coffee was no bother and it lent itself well to the cafetierre. It was a morrisons own brand but who knows who is really responsible for selecting the beans. The packaging on those supermarket brands is a façade and they don't go sending there own specially trained sniffer dogs out to find those great beans, they let someone else do it for them and bung it on there shelves. I gave it a good 5 cause I didn't want another one but I still think it's a dam cool coffee that would look good on Neo's shelf at home. I'm also spoilt for choice here at the moment with 7 different Percol coffees to get through (thanks guys).

This was a massive disappointment and I'm not even that fussy. I had one cup this morning, thought it tasted bad but gave it the benefit of the doubt. A second cup this afternoon confirmed that it really does taste disgusting. I couldn't finish it. It's hard to describe what it tasted like but every mouthful was a battle, causing my face to screw up and my mind to question how this could possibly be described as coffee. As much as I love the sound of the Rwenzoris, I won't be rushing to the foothills for the coffee harvest. I'd give it a 1 but it's still early days for me. Maybe there's worse out there. It's a 2 from me.

OK, my taste buds may be shot, but I love this stuff. It just hits a "note" with me. But latest packets I bought do not taste the same, and it is now shown as level 4, sure it was level 5 before. Do you know if they have changed it. If so, any idea where I can get the same stuff under a different name or retailer. (Else anyone out there with stocks of this stuff they hate and want to sell off?)