Morrisons Signature Ethiopian Coffee

Morrisons Signature Ethiopian CoffeeThis stuff looks simply amazing. We're only using a simple French press to make it yet it comes out, every time, with a thick creamy head as though it had been run through a five grand Gaggia in a carbon-neutral hipster coffee bar in Shoreditch. We've not had that much head since the Judges took a weeks sabbatical to the Reeperbahn. It's so easy to make this one - it comes out the same every time. It's got a slightly fruity twist to it which, when you have the first one, is a real pleasant surprise. But after a few cups this does end up tasting a little bit metallic. Maybe we just over spooned this one - it would probably benefit for being made just a little weaker. But we didn't do that. Its an 8/10

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Had two or three of these and it has been spot on each time. Thick without being heavy and rich without being sickly this is a refined, strong coffee with a real kick. Slightly sweet, which I presume is what they mean by ‘fruity’ it has the classic texture of many of the other African brews but ranks much higher on the taste scale. A decent aftertaste too as well as a relatively low price mean these beans a close to being a 9/10...