Morrisons Signature Kenyan Coffee

Morrisons Signature Kenyan CoffeeKenyan coffee is normally the bee's knees - so we snapped this one off the shelf on a recent trip to Morrisons - which itself seems to have gentrified since the last time this judge was in their aisles way back in the nineties in the dusty back streets of Bradford. Instead of being all pies and Yorkshire Puds it's now all artisan bread, wet misted veg and - well - Kenyan coffee. Bring it on.two packs for a fiver is the deal of the year too. Taste-wise the wasn't quite as good their Ethiopian offering - it just had a slightly metallic twang to it. Probably because we over cooked it - but then we'll never know as we won't be making a weaker version any time soon. Still - it's a great coffee - looks good with a nice head on it. It makes a great paring with the Ethiopian - buy them both. 7/10

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Although not as full as Morrison's Ethiopian brew this coffee still packs a punch while being a little lighter in texture. Plus the packet is a really nice shade of blue. I mean look at it, all regal and shiny. OOOOh. Plus check out the writing, i mean its so posh you can't even read what it says, like that doctor who accidentally proscribed you your mothers chlamydia medication. Anyway, these beans are pretty good, strength 3 is an accurate description and if you like the other African supermarket chain coffees then you'll probably like this too.