Natural Coffee Co Freedom Blend Coffee

Natural Coffee Co Freedom Blend CoffeeThis one was picked up from The Windsor Farm Shop on a recent London bike ride from Hampton Court to Windsor with the quintessentially English Merry Pedaller Bike Tours. A shop full of game pie and venison. Never seen this brand before - but given where I found it, it's got to be poncy - even though it only cost a standard three pound something. To be honest it was nothing special for me - it was definitely strong and can easily be over done, which we did a couple of times. There's a bit of a chocolate taste going on - which they don't even mention on the packet, for once. 7/10

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"This organic and Fairtrade blend of Sumatran and Central American coffeess has been carefully balanced and roasted to produce a smooth, full bodied coffee without a bitter taste."

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Twice is probably all i'll ever get of this coffee. Never seen it before won't see it again. This review must be purely for content but hey someone lives close by to the shop Nooge found this in so for you my good man. It has a chocolatey texture and pleasant, creamy kind of flavour. Certainly not an all kicking all screaming coffee but I did finish both cups and I didn't spew myself. I gave it a 7 then realised it's becoming a trend to say 7 when it's kind of ok. So i've dropped it to 6. Since when did I think a creamy coffee was ok!. This judge is all about the Tysons and i'm sorely missing the kicks from the big boys. So it's a good 6 and if you can find a pack of this in pansyville go get some.