Percol Americano Arabica Coffee

Percol Americano Arabica CoffeeEvery cup of this has given us a smooth creamy head with less effort than Divine Brown. It's a strength four - which in this case means it packs tons of coffee flavour without any aftertaste or sickly sweetness. It can take a massive overdose too - don't be afraid to spoon this one up and it will just get better and better. As usual, the Percol packaging is as unattractive as Divine Brown on a Sunday morning after a long night with this year's RADA intake. What in their right minds, makes them think that derelict building and an old ladder makes you want to pop off and make a nice cup of coffee? One off for the packaging - as it's SO offensive - gives it 8/10

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"Percol Fairtrade and organic Americano ground coffee is dark and full with upfront flavours of bitter chocolate and hazelnut with a smooth and rounded finish."

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I had to say purely on the coffee cause nothing else about this coffee does anything for me. I didn't notice the smell. It's called Americano which as we all know is black coffee from starbux. It has a picture of a building on it that suggests homelessness or crime. So if you take away the odd marketing strategy and remember you only care about the coffee, well it's a pleasant surprise. It looks good and was easy to prepare in our cafetierre. We didn't spoon it equally and yet every time a very good coffee was handed to me. The entire Percol brand has been very unique though and I do appreciate that. I just don't think there branding suggest this to me, up against each other they all look the same except for the Black and Beyond which even has it's own website! I've put this at 8 cause it is good but if I was taking into account the entire package it would be a 6.

quite sad that you judge coffee in it's packaging, and not taste only
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Grabbed this kind of at random in Waitrose Barbican. They've got a fair range there and I guess this one attracted me cos it's called Americano which is what I go for on the rare occasions I buy a coffee out. Oh and it's a strength 4. I dont get hung up on the packaging as much as the moaners on here but they may have a point re the pointless tenement photography and US coyfee play but what the hell - it got my attention and I chose it out of the 20 odd bags on offer in the 'trose. Drinking this for the first time at 7.30 on a Sat morning. I think its important to state the time of day you are drinking. 3 spoons in a half filled litre press - it's a flashy new Bodum Brazil in red plastic. I cant smell in the mornings so I have no idea about the aroma! Never try to pin "wake up and smell the coffee" on me kids. Anyway ... the drink. First hit was oooh sweet and then oooh bitter (in a nice way) and then a bit of chocolate. We dont do milk here by the way - hardcore. There's a caffeine punch and a lingering aftertaste that isnt unpleasant. It's leaving a slight roughness at the back of the throat which is concerning but it could be an early Sat morning thing and so I'll reserve judgement and have a few more cups. Its a good'un then - I feel quite buzzy - I can even smell it now ...if I was at work I think concentration would be out the window. It's rich. Gonna give it an 8 I think I like it better than the more fruity Percol Guat. is frankly bewildering!

We used to buy it all the time, but the last bag I bought in the new packaging (which I hate, much preferred the NY scene) tasted just something you'd get in Starbucks (not a compliment). Thin and weedy now!