Percol Black and Beyond Coffee Beans

Percol Black and Beyond Coffee Beans

The Percol marketing people really know how to hit the right spot. As a Coffee Judge, reading the side of this packet is bound to get you in a fevered state of excitement - they have just described us perfectly. So the expectation from this is high - are we going to get a Lava Java Buster? Well - not quite. The usual issue with beans - another variable in the make up - means the brew we get is under powered. Hank went lightly on this one, obviously wanting to save his "grinding hand" for other activities later this evening. Despite this, for the first time, some of the blurb on the packet is actually true for the first time in this Judge's life. There IS no bitter aftertaste and it really does reach the depths of flavour! It's a cracking coffee in my opinion and restored my faith in the Percol brand which was starting to wane after the first two duffers. 8/10 for now, for sure a 9 when we get the strength right - maybe even a 10!

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"Like a great chef searching out the finest ingredients, the adventure of discovering
great coffees to achieve the ultimate taste is never ending. So it is with Espresso.
Every coffee blender and roaster will have their own preference of beans with
the aim of achieving the Holy Grail of coffees - the Ultimate Espresso.

At Percol we believe we have crafted a coffee that goes Beyond all other espressos
with a darker, richer roast which with care and passion has created a coffee that
reaches the very depths of a full flavoured coffee without the harsh bitter
aftertaste often associated with espresso."

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Unfortunately I built this one up in my head. The packaging looks pretty darn cool, it's called Black & Beyond, it's espresso coffee beans, it's the 2nd Strength 6 we've managed to find. It says it makes lives better (all coffee does that), it features the word Ultimate!. So there I am giddy as a kiddy. Ground it to coarse and gave it the 6 spoons. I can tell it's a good brew all that remained was to try this little piece of paradise. Gave it a 7 out of 10 myself due to the awesome build up I gave it. Little bit harsh of me but I was hoping for more. It has a pleasant taste with a mellow kick, definitely one you can refer to as smooth and left no bitterness. I will have another for sure in a day or two and leave an open minded review but for now I have to say it hasn't lived up to my own personal hype.

strength ratings on coffee's appear to be a completely random game of 'guess the number i'm thinking of between 1 and 5. No-one would have guessed the answer to this one, although that might have somthing to do with the fact it's a six... anyway, no bitterness just like the package says - aftertaste is slightly sweet. A tasty coffee without a huge amount of punch
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I knew I was being over zealous the first time. This mornings foray into the 'grind your own strength 6 beans' is the reason weekends were invented. To make that Monday morning work coffee something special and these beans are the perfect accompaniment. I've upped it to 9 I had to stop speaking for a moment whilst I savoured the near to perfect coffee I had created this morning. 10/10 for my skills on the block and 9/10 for the coffee. I don't know why it's not 10/10 really. Very glad I tried this again.

Well done Percol. I've upped it to 9. Like Hank I cant give it a 10 until it's in a mano-y-mano face off with the Hot Lava.

I cheated and got ready ground, 1 dessertspoon into my Bialetti. WOW -The best ever coffee, seriously good. Cannot fault and now totally converted (as are my friends).

Once you get the strength of this coffee right it's just amazing!!

Really enjoy this one well worth the high score.