Percol Honduras La Tigre Rainforest Coffee

Percol Honduras La Tigre Rainforest Coffee

This is another good Percol, despite yet another cold "garden seed" packet design. It tastes consistently good all the way down the cup too - there's no build up of bitterness. But then again this lack of any kind of aftertaste makes it taste a little shallow tasting. When it's gone, it's gone. A respectable 7/10

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"An appealing sweet fruity aroma. very well balanced, good acidity and body with attractive citrus notes on the finish"

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Well this one popped up like Erika Eleniak popping up out of that cake in Under Siege. Very pleasing for different reasons. The packet was the standard percol jungly location put with the added coolness of Honduras and La Tigra/Tigre. The coffee itself though was very good and whilst in no way placed into the Tyson category I liked the flavour, the colour, it was easy to make and certainly the Percol brand has if nothing else been extremely diverse. Maybe not to my likeing but a couple of real corkers, some oddities and a good all rounder. I think a punter would do well to sample a selection of Percol coffee's to find the one you like. This is one that I felt would be drinkable by everyone no matter the kind of coffee they favoured. 8/10 for me based on the broad spectrum of plus points this one has. It's a score for the odd bunch at Percol.