Percol Nicaragua Arabica Coffee

    Percol Nicaragua Arabica CoffeeThis is the first Percol for us, a new brand, and we're excited. But chocolate?  Orange Marmalade??!!  What are these people talking about? Have they any idea what coffee is or do they think they're making breakfast? How long before they are quoting Bacon Overtones with a smooth Egg finish? As if that flowery bullshit introduction wasn't enough to make you feel this is all style over content, wait until you open the packet.. it's full of TWIGS I kid you not. OK I may be exaggerating a little bit, but the coffee really is full of dried husks.. this can't be good. Percol Coffee TwigsSo Judge Hank makes this one, and swears by it. Six spoons for a strength 4 should be good. Hmmm.... no. It's weedy. It's not bad - but it's not good. There's nothing really to say about it - it's just adequate catering coffee. The only good thing to say is that the twigs didn't actually ruin it, as this is one coffee that I really was expecting to be "woody"! The only hope is to really spoon it up next time, to see if there's any hidden depths. Mind you it's the first coffee reviewed to warrent a second picture. Disappointedly a 5/10

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"Bold, bittersweet chocolate and orange marmalade with acidity to match are some of the high notes of some this seriously individual coffee. The largest yet most sparsely populated of the Central American nations, Nicaragua has qualities that will fascinate the intrepid traveller as well as the coffee adventurer. Not satisfied with the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean lapping at its sides, Nicaragua went ahead and made its own inland sea Sitting proudly in the centre of lake Nicaragua is not one but rather amazingly two volcanos. The lake itself is a colossal fresh-water lake with 310 islands and its own weather system. It is not only home to the beautiful roseate spoonbill but also to the rare fresh-water shark. Nicaraguan coffee is also unique, having a light aroma and a flavour that's full bodied (in much the same1 way as the fresh-water sharks prefer humans)."

Where you can buy it: 

You can get it delivered from Ocado for £3.29 a pack or alternatively pop down your local woods, chop up some branches and make your own.

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Couldn't say i've heard of Percol myself but we hear there a large brand name of coffee and a friend bought one in for us to try. Have to say it's one of the finest looking coffees i've seen. It looks like it's got bits of twig in it and those large bits are definitely not getting into my cup. It was spooned up as are all the coffees we try and it wasn't until i started drinking it did my disappointment begin. It's not a bad coffee in fact it was very pleasant. That's all it was. The packet as ever uses it's buzz words that are meant to fool the customer, Fairtrade, Organic, Arabica etc etc. It also goes as far to say Orange Marmalade. As a drinker I get a mellow light hearted coffee with no real after kick. The flavour was ok and I would drink it again so if your after a girly strength 4 this is a contender.
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We've had 2 more and verdict remains the same except it's got weaker. Today it was described as creamy which is not what i'm looking for, unless I add cream. Tomorrow we have a strength 3 to review.

First time I drank this I managed to convince myself I could taste the marmalade. After some long soul searching I have decided this was not the case and that I am far too easily influenced by the lables on coffee packets. There was nothing wrong with the flavours, slightly sweet after taste which makes it stand out a little – although none of these flavours seemed to register anywhere near some of the other strength 4’s out there in the aisles of your local super market. Barring the false advertising, not a bad coffee at all...