Percol Rainforest Organic Colombia Arabica Coffee

Percol Rainforest Organic Colombia Arabica CoffeeThis is the best Percol we've had so far. There's nothing really to make it stand out and talk about - no aromas or notes as they claim on the packet. But it just delivers on smooth, full flavour with a pleasant  lingering coffee after taste. Every cup we made was consistantly good - you just can't cock this one up. It's just a shame it's yet another "grass seed" piece of packaging from Percol - stick this in a glossy packet and suddenly you have a luxury, quality coffee here. Petty to mark it down one for that but, hey ho - it's a 9 down to an 8/10.

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"Deep, rich brown flavours in abundance. Delicate smokey notes fused with aromatic spices and chocolate can be detected in the taste and aroma."

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I believe firmly that if a coffee says 'Columbian' or 'Java' on it then i'm going to like it and this one was no exception. It's a strength 3, but whatever, when you get it shoved under your nose and 8:50 am it's golden heaven. This one was actually golden in colour. Reckon those columbians sparked some hudu on this bean and it morphed itself into the coffee favoured by the drinker. A coffee that becomes your favourite coffee. I like my coffee strong so this one upped it's game and came out the packet at strength 5 and I like a flavour that doesn't linger so this one decided not to stain my cheeks and GTFO ASAP. Tick and Tick this gem of the Percol brand has really made my day. For a weedy 3 it's coming in at a rocking 8/10 and my theory that columbian and java = good coffee still holds true.

Tastes like it was made from the burnt bits. Awful