Rombouts Cachet d'Or Coffee

Rombouts Cachet d'Or CoffeeAfter the sophistication of our last Rombouts taster, this one felt cheap because the tin was more agricultural and it only had a cheapo plastic lid. However we should not have been so quick to judge - this is a balls-out face smasher of a coffee. It's a dark roast and it's a super fine grind, the combination of which means we get something that could raise the dead. But don't let that frighten you - this is a very drinkable cup that despite its fine grind is easy to brew and delivered every time down to the bottom of the tin. We like it a lot. 9/10

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This is some strong stuff - but without being overpowering. Perhaps not one to have two or three cups of in a row, it's most definitely more of a treat, or perhaps an early Monday morning pick-me-up. Despite the strength there's no trace of sickliness, while surprisingly the flavour (although packing a real punch) fades rather quickly, without much of a trace of an aftertaste. Texture is slightly thicker than the average brew, almost syrupy, which adds to the luxurious feel of the coffee. No subtle flavours here - think big American town car rather than a nippy European speedster.