Rombouts Cafe Italiano Coffee

Rombouts Cafe Italiano CoffeeThis looks much more sophisticated than its humble origins (Sainsburys). The packet oozes continental style - you can smell the oil from the 2-stroke Vespa and the hand crafted Italian leather shoes just on the packet. It must be quite finely ground as we had quite a few floaters on the top - but they couldn't take away from the rich classy taste. Not a coffee for wimps or the Latte Brigade. A great mid-afternoon 8/10

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"This coffee blend was inspired by the tradition of serving deliciously rich smooth chocolaty, full-bodied roast in the Italian coffee bars. Its deep rich flavour and aroma make this ideal for serving at the end of a delicious dinner."

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I was keen to get to try this coffee after I read the ultimate random coffee generated quote shamelessly featuring smooth, chocolatey, and the word rich - twice! Anyway i'm pleasantly surprised. The kick isn't too great and it didn't induce a heart attack however it was pleasantly bitter and easy to gulp. Dark in colour and definitly not oily this little puppy has given me a smile this afternoon. Scoring a 6 from as they have classified it as strong and i'm not totally convinced its on par with the other strong ones we have reviewed. It also seems to have a lingering after taste which i don't like. I need some mints to finish off and that's not a good thing. But it could be in the making so it's being marked down too harshly for this. Another hit another day will seal this one as a 7 or a 5.

This is one of the few continental coffees i've tried that wasn't lacking in substance, hit just the right tones of bitterness and still seemed fresh despite the fact the packet had been opened for a couple of weeks. Perhaps the italians can do more than espresso...