Rombouts Ethiopian Moka Sidamo Coffee

Rombouts Ethiopian Moka Sidamo CoffeeRombouts have really raised their game lately. From just have one pack on the shelves they've gone all Illy-cool and started producing these tins which started out at a fiver a pop (f*ck OFF!) but you can now pick them up at 2 for a fiver, which is a bargain - being that they are 250g extra large size too. Shame you don't get the Illy woosh when you open the tin - but it's still classy none the less. More importantly though, the taste - and what a cracker this is. It's got the East African zesty twang that we love so much and it still packs a punch on strength. Not in a face-smashing way - but still good enough for us hard-as-nails Judges. You can't over cook it either - it's super-forgiving. You could just shake some by eye out of the tin into your machine with one hand whilst knocking one out with the other hand and you'd end up with something to be proud of (in the Coffee hand as least). Well done Rombouts - we'll be knocking out more of this. (9/10)

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"According to the legend, this coffee was discovered by a young shepherd called Khaldi and by the monks of the Chahodet Convent back in the sixteenth century. All the Arabicas throughout the world originally come from Ethiopia, from the KAFFA province. This is an exceptionally fine coffee made with 100% Arabica beans the coffee has a soft aromatic flavour with hints of fruit and apricot."

Where you can buy it: 

You can get most Rombouts at Amazon here

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Judge Hank's picture

I've had 3 of these in a row and they're still good. The tin is becoming a very convenient way to store my coffee as well. We bought half the range and this is the first. It's a very good start. No matter what I do this coffee is coming out consistently tasty with a very subtle amount of kick that I like. They went for the word Apricot on this tin and they of course said there beans are 100% Arabica which is meaning less and less to me. It's performing well in our professional cafetierre and I really can't fault it. I was expecting, at £2.50 on offer, that this was going to be a very cheap bit of shit, placed in a cool tin. I was happily mistaken I've enjoyed this coffee from start to finish and gave it an 8/10. On the back of the awesome price as well this is one to be picking up today.
gallego1968's picture

Just had my first cup of the day and this is a very nice smooth coffee. It is not as strong as i usually have but i can drink this all day. I paid £4.99 for it which is ok and i like that it comes in it's own tin instead of having to transfer the coffee into a jar to put in the fridge. If you are looking for a coffee you can drink all day this is one i recommend.