Sainsbury's After Dinner Coffee

Sainsbury's After Dinner Coffee

This one says "rich", "intense" and "strong" on the packet. And it's a strength 5. And they are right on all counts. This one will really wake you up in the morning - there is no getting away from the fact that THIS IS COFFEE. It's pretty damn bitter too - I had to keep adding sugar bit by bit until I could take it. But when you get it right, it's a fine old cup. There's no aftertaste and we happily had two in the day without having a stroke. Treat it carefully though - if you're not man enough, this one will floor you. (8/10)



What the Manufacturer's say: 

"Our after dinner blend is roasted to a precise time, temperature and colour. This coffee is dark roasted to produce a rich and intense flavour."

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A stunning little cheapie from the Sainsburys own brand corner. It comes out swinging, branded a strength 5 with Rich and Intense written all over it. It's also very dark and we dropped this to 5 spoons for the optimal balance of bitterness and drinkability. You don't want to be ill so be gentle with your helping. All in all this leads to a very reasonably priced, good strong coffee. It wasn't 100% to my liking but this one at least doesn't bullshit me on the tin. It is what it says and I appreciate that ballsiness so it's a 6 in my mind but i've given it a 7 so 1. i didn't vote teh same as my fellow judge and I think a coffee that doesn't lie to me deserves to be marked up by one. Overall very impressed with this and people who think they like coffee will have there heads blown off by this puppy.