Sainsburys Basics Fairtrade Coffee

For the sake of comparison we ended up with this one, and my God it has tested the review scale. There is no other word to describe this than disgusting - or possibly poison. It has the smell of a burnt out building and tastes as bad as eating the contents of an ashtray from a cigar smoker's convention. We couldn't finish it - in fact we could barely start it. One mouthful was enough to bring on an instant gagging reflex. The acrid aftertaste was so severe that even a cup of decent stuff to try and wash the taste away had no effect and it just dragged that down too. Avoid at all costs. Judges rating 0/10.

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Being one who ignores the packaging (see my wife) I sampled this coffee with an open mind and immediately spat it out, it was too late, the taste was there and it lingered. The quantity was good, it was left for the obligatory 3+ minutes and on the pour it looked good. Additional milk was added to combat the foul bitter taste but to no avail. If you don't like coffee then this is the product for you. Rated a zero because you have to pay for it. I was sure we would never see a zero. Good job Sainsbury on proving me wrong, it rarely happens.