Sainsburys Espresso Coffee

Sainsburys Espresso CoffeeThis is exactly what you want from a strength 5 coffee - tons of flavour and a real caffeine hit - but you do need to treat it carefully. If you over do this one and spoon up one too many, you'll end up with a cigar-laden ash tray that no amount of sugar can bring back from the brink. So once you find your level with it - stick to it. Don't go thinking "Let's knock up a stronger one..." because you will regret it. We've found this one very useful too at beefing up some other weedier coffees - ones that we like the taste of but just dont quite have the fullness of flavour we're after. Adding one spoon of this ball crusher into the mix with your fragrant but weak Kenyan delicacy will really liven it up, without destroying the subtler flavours. Give it a go kids - it may be "own brand" but who gives a f*ck - it's a 9/10 from the Judge!

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Not only was this coffee excellent on it's own, I took some of the crap lying around the office and added a couple of spoons of this to it. Every time we are talking a top notch, gritty, dark, dirty coffee that got my head buzzing and my tongue tickling. They really nailed it this year with this one. Nice shiny packaging, a stonkingly strong smelling coffee, outrageously dark frothy broth and a caffeine hit to rival snorting raw caffeine. I gave it an 8/10 and it comes highly recommended as one of the finest Tyson's we've had.