Sainsburys French Style With Chicory Coffee

Sainsburys French Style With Chicory CoffeeWell this was a real turn up. There I was expecting the most repulsive coffee known to man - sweet, spicy and full of "chicory" - whatever the hell that is. I don't know but it should be in FOOD and not COFFEE that's for sure. However... bigotry aside, this thing 'ain't bad. True we did have it ball-crushingly strong, which maybe masked the chicory shit. But I liked it! What the?!!  Maybe my taste buds are wrecked from that skinful last night - so I demand a recount. This thing must be awful... 7/10.

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"Sweet and spicy similar to those served in the old market towns of France. Our French style blend is roasted to a precise time, temperature and colour. This coffee is medium dark roasted to produce a rich and intense flavour."

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Looked very yellow in my cup with none of that coffee looking pazazz that I love in my cup and i necked it down in a couple of minutes. Very enjoyable drink, I looked up chicory and it's a 'woody', 'erect' 'herb' so that's three of my favourite words there. fyi . So i'm looking forward to another with more of an open mind. So far so good and worth a go. Can't say I actually tasted anything 'chicory' at all though.

More body than a lot of other French coffees, though this was ruined by the abomination that is chicory in coffee. This may be a slightly unfair criticism as anyone who does not enjoy wierd spices floating round their coffee cup should probably just stick to the lava java... 5/10

This was an impulse buy. A moment of weakness if you will. I went on French Exchange when I was 14 and remember being served this great big bowl (yes, it was a bowl) of black steaming coffee. I'm not certain I enjoyed it too much at the time but it certainly kept me wired for the rest of the day. Anyway, I guess it was a bit of a nostalgia buy. As it turns out, it wasn't half bad. I don't know what the hell chicory is either (or whether it has a place in coffee) but it wasn't too bad at all. It certainly had strength and plenty of flavour. Probably not everyone's cup but worthy of a 7 out of 10.