Sainsbury's So Organic Peru Coffee

Sainsbury's So Organic Peru CoffeeWe've had this one a while and put off the making of it. Why? The packaging. My God it's dull. We want our coffees to draw us in with silvers and golds and feel all continental-like, but this one looks like a packet of grass seed. When we finally do crack it open, it does what it says on the tin. Smooth and mellow is right enough - there's a really punchy flavour without being too overpowering, and every time we've  made one it's come out trumps. I don't think you can get this one wrong - it would easily round off your cafetiere cock-ups and still deliver. Not quite strong enough for me - but then it's not meant to be. But one definitely to dish up at home after your dinner party with confidence that they'll all like it, and it will turn out ok. (8/10)

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"From Northern Peru organically grown at high altitude in clear, clean air and roasted for a full bodies nutty character. Dark choclate and hazelnut notes."

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The problem with good tasting coffees is after a while you run out of things to say about them. This coffee hits all the right notes without being to over powering or distinguishing it self in any particular area. A B plus student across the board. What this coffee does do well is not get destracted with the extra flavours that coffee makers love chucking into a brew, no weird marmalade tastes or fig infusion, just the taste of proper coffee, which is what its all about.
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After a weekend of drinking tripe at home it feels great to be back at work surrounded by the sweet aroma of tanned amazonians and the high notes of the bongo drums. God dam it, no, that was my dream I don't work in tanning parlour in Peru but those notes and aroma I picked up on are coming from the Perusion Arabica blend sitting on my desk. It's a 6 spooner and has been with us for a while. The nooge is correct the packaging is rubbish, what the hell were they thinking, it's a green packet with a twig on it that no normal person can identify as coffee. Still after you break it open and move beyond the packet what you actually get is a very cool tasting, satisfyingly mild coffee. Mild is not really my thing when it comes to coffee but this one has caught my eye. I'm not sure if I like the extremely faint after taste but it's completely bearable and a slice of toast or a scone should sort that out. I think the two will even compliment each other. I also get the feeling the coffee is as described on the packet. Except for one thing - it says this 'Taste - Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut notes' eat with 'Chocolate Cake'. I'm presuming they meant chocolate cake with hazelnuts in it in order that there dumb description holds up in a court of law. For me it was mellow, warm, satisfying like a kiss on the cheek as you leave for work in the morning when every traffic light is green and the lollipop lady waits for you to pass before 72 million kids cross the road. 7/10 and a good start to the day.

This is a little Gem, After staring at the shelf full of 3 dozen coffee's or so for what seemed an eternity.. I saw some bloke make a dash for this. Confidently snatching it off the shelf he skipped off down the isle.. I thought 'Well that's got to be some pretty special coffee' and it is. Not too strong with a good flavour tough not overpowering. Not to bitter with no unpleasant aftertaste. I can only say - I cant recommend this Coffee enough. 9/10 Gauranteed to make you skip down the supermarket isle after purchasing!