Sainsburys Sumatra Mandheling Coffee

Sainsburys Sumatra Mandheling CoffeeThis had all the right blurb on the packet - tangerines and zesty for God's sake?! But us experienced judges know that there is no high altitude lime tasting coffee hailing from Sumatra. The first attempt was bitter and gritty - with no hints of the limes. It was also not even that strong which gave it a nasty aftertaste - which was even a bit too sickly creamy tasting initially. On the second attempt we spooned it up and made a strong 'un. The result was more drinkable - but had the horrible metallic aftertaste that you really don't want in your Taste The Difference. Unless the Difference they are talking about is the taste of dirty old copper pipe rescued from your old radiators hanging about behind the shed since you had your heating installed. Whatever - this stuff sucks and needs to be left on the shelf. Though I will finish the cup of it for politeness, I'll never be stupid enough to have it again. (4/10)

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"Rich and intense citrus with lime and tangerine zest. Specially selected for its rich, complex flavour, this full bodies coffee has a fresh, citrus lime aroma and subtle hint of spice. From the rugged volcanic highlands of north Sumatra, it takes its name from the region's indigenous people."

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Well sainsbury so far have been quite reliable in their offerings of variety and flavour. This was no exception, it was by far the creamiest shit coffee we've ever had. Now i'm not slating sainsbury it's there job to provide a wide range of coffees and to let you choose what's right for you. So if you like creamy coffee that makes you sick and throw up then this is the one for you. Love the light green they used and the use of a new word! Mandheling. Awesome word, shit coffee. I'm going for 3 out of 10, it's not quite sainsbury basic standard but it's pretty bad. Do remember though the Kenyan one, that Peaberry Moshi are also Sainsbury and they score well with me. 3/10