Sainsbury's Tanzanian Moshi Community Peaberry Coffee Beans

Sainsbury's Tanzanian Moshi Community Peaberry Coffee BeansAs soon as you open this packet, the smell of top notch coffee just pours out all over you, even though it's a whole bean coffee and not even ground yet. Grinding it just amplifies the aroma - it's like the aromatic version of the Siren's song - once you smell this baby you would cross a barren desert for days just to track down the source. This one is easy to make too - you can throw in as much as you like, and it just gets better and better. You will never reach the point of a throat burner. And finally the taste - it's heaven. Yes, slightly citrussy, but now we are coffee drinking pros, we like that. Do your self a favour and get some. (10/10)

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"Grown on the volcanic soils of Mount Kilimanjaro. A sweet blackcurrant flavoured coffee with mild citrus notes. The Moshi community in Tanzania is a coffee growing community of small scale coffee farmers from the Chagga and Maasai tribes. They are members of Africa's oldest co-operative who market and sell their coffee beans to Sainsbury's. Normally two coffee beans grow within a coffee cherry. Occasionally, only one will grow and this is known as a Peaberry coffee bean because of its pea shape. Only about five percent are harvested in this form. Due to their rounder shape these beans roast more evenly delivering a finer flavour."

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Hip Hip, so 5% of coffee out there is better than its fellow bean. News to me and when I read this packet I gotta say i'm getting gushy all over. Tanzanian, Moshi, Peaberry, Tribes, Kilimanjaro, Citrus notes (of course) i mean WOW the guy responsible for the blurb on this batch was terminally ill and wanted to go out with a bang, and what a cracker of a coffee this thing is a strength 3 but from the first warm, tangy, uplifting heavenly sip I know i'm dealing with the King of strength 3's and to be honest the king of coffee. This was amazing. I couldn't stop drinking and I wanted another within an hour. It was so dreamy to make and once we got properly acquainted I couldn't let this one go. There was a moment there when I took a sip and the world froze, I had a moment of pure clarity and everyone stopped to admire. The colour was vibrant and there was little to no gammy after taste. I was so impressed by this coffee I picked up and read the packet twice. We made all three with different amounts of grain and yet all 3 were identical. This bean is all about the coffee and I recommend you move heaven and earth to find a pack of this. 10/10 from me and all other votes should have dropped by 1! This is coffee perfection. I'm in love.

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Short and to the point. I like a genuinely lemony coffee or a bitter face kicker that doesn't linger. For something in the middle give Taylors Lazy Sunday or Taylors Take it Easy a go.

this coffee is insane, just went to sainsburys to pick some more up and they have none left ,gutted, now off to try find some online...

Lovely coffee. So smooth and nutty with little after swallow bitter taste lingering. Can make it strong and it still tastes sweet and nutty. Really love grinding those cute peaberry beans. This is GREAT coffee that will have wide appeal.