Sainsburys Taste the Difference Costa Rica Tarrazu Coffee

Sainsburys Taste the Difference Costa Rica Tarrazu CoffeeThis came out lovely with a nice head on it in the mug. The strength was good and bitter - but it just lacked that smoothness that you need to help a strong coffee slip down. It was slightly fighting with my throat on the way down - resisting being drunk. There's a slight citrusy twang to it, not in Fairy Liquid kind of way; much more subtle. This could be due to the slice of lemon cake I ate just beforehand though. The packaging of these Sainsbury's Taste The Difference coffees is all wrong though - and I think that sets your mind ready to eat a packet of raisons and not drink coffee. I'm sure that's caused it to lose a point... Judges Rating - 7/10

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"Aromatic and well rounded. Fresh and zingy, this classic Costa Rica tarrazu Arabica has delicate floral aromas, peppery undertones and a light chocolaty aftertaste. It's from the cool, mountainous Tarrazu region, regarded by connoisseurs as one of the best coffee growing areas in the world."

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and other shit i'm sure. I found this to be a mild mannered weedy creamy coffee that wasn't half bad. I could imagine myself in a few years sitting back to enjoy this in my garden with a scone. Full of the joys of self fulfilment from my life. The packet does say Milk Chocolate and Floral Notes on it which in my standard consumer way can tell you is bollocks of course. It takes like a creamy weedy coffee. If it said that i'd give it a 10. I gave it a 7 though as it is very enjoyable. 7/10