Sainsburys Taste the Difference Ethiopian Sidamo Coffee

Sainsburys Taste the Difference Ethiopian Sidamo Coffee

Ok so it's mid afternoon and we had a few to choose from and got suckered in by the "fruity" description Mr Sainsbury had given it. The powder was a grade darker than the cheapo Lavazza we had this morning and the smell on opening was fine indeed. On delivery the smell is, well, fruity YES! lemon-like infact - as though you had just washed your cup with a dose of fairy liquid and not bothered to rinse it out. So, unappealing....possibly. But the taste, well, the citrus tint does give it a lively edge. Not sure where the apricots came in - they must be still in the packet. Interesting. Judges rating: 7/10

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"This is a vibrant, fruity coffee, with sweet floral notes and hints of apricot. It's from the highlands of Ethiopia's Sidamo region, where the rich volcanic soils are renowned for producing superior tasting Arabica beans."

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It's late in the afternoon and the day is heavy, the work even heavier. I'm in need of a lift so I was a little apprehensive on trying a new coffee, the yellow packet, the 'fruity & distinctive' description given to it did nothing to put my fears to rest. Off I went to the kitchen to prepare the coffee which, to my pleasant surprise, had a good aroma, looked dark in the cafetiere and once I got to pouring I was getting anxious to try it. I'll have to say the chap who wrote this packet review had some smarts to him, definitly a citrus element to this coffee from smell through to taste, offered a satisfying kick with a refreshing uplifting flavour. It's great when a coffee comes together in all the right places and makes up for the pain of the last hour. The fairtrade symbol and the 'tested by customers' do nothing to convince me of a Sainsbury coffee but this one has lived up to it's name. Given a 6 by me as it's not my kind of coffee but none the less very enjoyable.

Great surprise, this coffee is really really good. The best grounded coffee I found to date!! If Sainsbury's will sell these not grounded I will be the first to buy...