Sainsburys Taste the Difference Nicaraguan Fairtrade Coffee

Sainsburys Taste the Difference Nicaraguan Fairtrade CoffeeWe were messed up here by having to siphon some of the brew off from the pot to dilute down for "a girl". Of course this threw out all our weights and measures which means we are comparing this unfairly with all the others. But my God this came out a right little belter - stronger than Geoff Capes and with more staying power than a Rutting Stag. We ended up with tons of powder in the cup though, giving a really dry finish - enough powder to start growing more coffee in. This has got to be down to the brewing - an own brander can't be this good can it? Rated a tentative 8/10.

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"Grown on the mountain slopes of Nicaragua. A sweet caramel coffee with chocolate & hazelnut notes."

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Someone very classy bought this coffee and the the taste lives up to the buyer! Top marks!!

Just had it again.. very slightly weaker and made sure less powder got through the net. It really is great!
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I am such a fan of the reviews on the packets themselves. Whilst my particular cup had no hazelnut, caramel or chocolate in it, thankfully it did have a good strong coffee flavour with no dryness or bitterness. You could tell from opening the packet it was presenting itself as well as coffee can in a sainsburys packet. I've had 2 in a row now and both score highly with me. A very satisfying brew to kick off the day. This mornings was coupled with a chocolate bruschetta as well. Going to be a good Friday thanks to that Nicaraguan sunshine. 8/10

Again trying to buck the trend of all the other Boys & Girls who add reviews, my comments are not Universal but the words of a Charmless Man. A refined cracking little african number, the sort of coffee that gentry in a Country House would drink, rather than those who have a Parklife. There's No Other Way to say this, I liked it, it was Tender on the tastebuds. That's it for now, my review has No distance left to run, I hope you've kept reading To The End, I'm Out of Time now, My Think Tank is empty it's all a Blur.