Sea Island Geisha Costa Rica Coffee Beans

Sea Island Geisha Costa Rica Coffee BeansBoth times we've made this, it's foamed up in the pot to the point where you could shave with it. But over the 3.5 minutes stewing the foam totally disappears and when it's poured it's completely flat and, let's face it, unappetising. But don't let it's bland appearance fool you this is a really well flavoured cup - from the first initial sip through to the lingering aftertaste. Even when it's gone, you still feel like you're drinking it. And enjoying it. When I started this one I tried not to think of the cost and vowed not to mention it. I've failed again - it's 13 quid a pack. Would have been an 8, but drops one for cost to a 7/10.

What the Manufacturer's say: 

  "Geisha, one of the Ethiopian wild coffee varieties, is an ancient and very rare coffee variety. It has a soft, delicate profile with quietly complex aromatics that reward patient attention with notes of lavender, cocoa and hints of molasses. It is grown on the Coffea Diversa plantation in Costa Rica, close to the Panamanian border. The plantation is incredibly special as it grows the largest number of different coffee varieties in the world. Coffea Diversa has pioneered the botanical garden approach to coffee cultivation in which aspect the Estate remains unique."

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You have to forgive my ignorance, I thought a Geisha was hot Japanese woman with an overly feminine walk. Turns out it's a coffee bean from Costa Rica and has it's own style of sexiness going on. The brew smoothly swirled around my cup and had a number of colours. Possibly some powder floating around I thought but on finishing there was very little powder in the cup. No this coffee genuinely sparkled, it was 3 shades of dark dancing seductively on my tongue and warming my soul on it's way down. It's Monday morning and i'll admit coffee's get a better reception on Monday mornings and this is one of the best ones yet. It was refined and had an aroma that made me think of heaven. So a fresh, fruity cup that will leave a smile on your face and a song in your heart. As ever from these guys i won't buy it my wallet would divorce me but still an 8 from me.