Sea Island Maui Island Estate Coffee Beans

Sea Island Maui Island Estate Coffee BeansAnother Sea Island "cheapy" at the equivalent of 14 quid a pack. The first thing on show here is the beans are the tiniest things you've ever seen - they are miniscule. So small you might be forgiven for thinking this one is pre-ground. But no - grind it you must. The finished cup doesn't look anything out of the ordinary - plain as hell. But the taste - whooa - it's good. The lemon and citrus twang cuts right across your tongue like an amuse-bouche and as you sink the last drops all you want to do is have another one. It's moorish as hell. Which is a shame because it's my last ever cup - at 14 quid a go it's just too rich for this Judge. So a 9/10 docked 2 points for cost. 7/10.

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It's worth noting these have been the finest coffee's we've sampled. As a customer though you do have to pay for it. This is the 'cheapest' offering from the Sea Island Coffee Company and it's not cheap for a reason. It's worth the money!. This mornings one in particular had me weak at the knees. The cup just looked to small and when it was finished I didn't really know how to carry on. I'm suggesting we make another one now but it's only been 7 minutes. So yet again it's as near to perfect as it could be. The beans looked great, rather unlike the ones from the other day that looked polished and tasted of mud. This is one of the best coffees I have had. Again I can liken it to the Peaberry Moshi from Sainsbury's but the taste from this seems fresher, stronger, longer - just better in every respect. I actually gave this one an 8/10 and that is after dropping an obligatory 2 for price. So yea 10/10 for coffee. If you're serving this to your friends, I want to be your friend.