Slowtown Coffee Roasters House Blend

Slowtown Coffee Roasters House BlendThis one came from a recent trip to Namibia - they're a bit of a cool roasting company based in Swakopmund and you can pick the stuff up at every supermarket in the country. We thought we'd pick up just their standard "house blend" just to see if these guys know how to roast. Well, yes they do, this is a really tasty little brew with an interesting and slightly sour taste. God knows where that came from - but it's there. A really great brew either out in the bush or back or your desk. Easy to make too!  8/10

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Comes across as nothing particularly special, but grows on you after a while. Although the taste and texture is not too dissimilar to a thousand other brews that came before it, it does seem to be a bit richer and fuller than your run of the mill selection found in local supermarkets. I really wanted to like this one, perhaps its my inner coffee hipster desperate for something outside the recycled hemp box to indulge in, but it didn't quite hit the standards I was expecting - and to be honest my standards aren't that high. Still, it didn't run off with all my money or pass on a suspicious itch so I guess I can't complain.

Nice, could be a bit stronger