Starbucks Bali Coffee

Starbucks Bali CoffeeThis has been a cock-up from start to finish. First off, it got made with a kettle of COLD water in a catastrophic user error. Then there's the fact we opened it a month ago and still havent reviewed it. Then the re-make turns out to be as anemic as hell. There is a flavour in there, but I'm not getting it in the usual 6 spoon cup. Scoring badly at 4/10 for now until we turn it up to 7. Maybe you need the "dark chocolate torte" rammed inside the cup at the same time?

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"This is the first time we have offered a single-origin coffee from Bali. The island of Bali is a tropical paradise with a very diverse landscape - from rugged coastlines and towering volcanoes to tropical forests and sandy beaches. The north/northwest part of the island is where arabica coffee is grown. It is in this rugged and varied landscape that Starbucks sourced this complex coffee. 

It displays the signature full body with herbal overtones for which Indonesian coffees are famous. This coffee also features a sweet dark chocolate flavour that is definitively Balinese, making this coffee, both refreshing and indulgent.

This coffee will be seasonally available, therefore try yours while you can.

Enjoy with: Dark Chocolate Torte"

Where you can buy it: 

Starbucks, and nowhere else.

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Really wanted not to like somthing with the starbucks logo on the front but there was nothing nasty about this coffee until i got towards the end, when in true coffee shop fashion it started to get a little a sickly... Main problemo with this one was the rather weak nature of the brew, although this will have been down to the time the packet had been open and not Hanks skills with a cafatiere - you'd never catch him using cold water to make a cuppa.
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In my defence the cold water was in the first attempt and not the second. It got the regular 6 spooner as ever and actually looked very dark and rich in the cafetierre. What finally ended up in my cup though was a tea like substance with some powder at the bottom. However we have also learnt that leaving packets open does in fact degrade them. 1 month and there utter useless and this Bali suffers from being in the draw a little too long. I can't give this a fair rating and have stuck a 5 on it. At least we know to always and i mean always review them the first time. Although the reason it didn't get remade was because we didn't like it. So I imagine i'll drop my 5 on a remake.

Because it tastes authentic. It reminds me of days backpacking round out there where they made the coffee just stirred straight into a glass and you let it settle out on the table, and then topped it up with condensed milk. I'm upgrading it to a 7 for sentimental reasons.