Starbucks Blonde Veranda Blend Coffee

Starbucks Blonde Veranda Blend CoffeeI don't like to admit it, but Starbucks have done it again with this one. It's only a strength 3, but don't be fooled by that - it's well under rated. Unless we just instinctively spoon up these weaker brews without even being aware we are doing it? This coffee is superb - there's no other word for it. Full of flavour and not bitter. It would satisfy anyone - from the hardened Judge down to the weakest child - there's something for everyone in this one. It can only lose 1 point for not totally blowing my head - but that's my own perversion. To the average man, this is a 10/10, but for this judge it's a 9/10.

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Happy to echo the sentiments above and as ever it's spot on. It's a delightful cup of coffee I would serve one of these to anyone who says they don't like coffee and by the end of it they will like coffee. I've lately been trying without any sugar at all and this was still top notch. I can't liken it to any other coffee either and for what is essentially a puny wimpy 3 you can also secretly serve this as a 4 to your mates. Just don't let em see the packet which has the words 3, Blonde and Verona on it. Under no circumstances does this coffee come across masculine but the end result is nothing to be ashamed of. I went for 10, it's one of the finest 3's i've ever had. I bought 2 packets. 10/10

I actually work for Starbucks. We get a bag of beans every week for free and no one in my store likes this coffee so its interesting that you guys are keen on it. My absolute fav is the Kenya. It is a medium strength blend and makes awesome french press. I have noted in some of your other reviews that you have opened coffee and not used it for weeks. Im sure you know but coffee is at its best ground and used instantly, it starts to degrade after 5 mins. Bottom line, buy a grinder :)

I've tried contacting their marketing dept. and never get any response - i want to get a sample of each to review. How do I do it?