Starbucks Dark Espresso Roast Coffee Beans

Starbucks Dark Espresso Roast Coffee BeansOk so us Judges have had a bit of a long break and this is the first one in a while - but we're back! This is a whole beaner - and as soon as you open the pack the first thing to strike you is how black it is. It's black as hell, and when you grind it, it shatters rather than grinds. These beans have been taken to within an inch of their life in the Starbucks roaster. A normal strength plunge also gave us a very black brew, like a runny molasses. It comes out with a very flat surface - there's no foaming or finesse to this - it doesn't look great in the cup. But it does taste pretty fine - for a super roasted, dark, strong coffee - this does the job well. Some of these darker coffees we've had are very easy to over-egg and turn into a cup of ground up BBQ charcoal, but not this one. This will just knock your lily-livered socks off, throw them out the window and run over them with a dirty great truck. It's good - but it has to lose a couple of points for the over roasting. (8/10)

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"This espresso is part of our history—the same beloved blend we have been serving in our stores since we handcrafted the very first Starbucks latte. Much has changed since then, but we still feel that nothing beats this rich blend of high-grown beans. It reaches its flavourful zenith through a longer roast to achieve a dark, caramelly sweetness. Fairtrade certified, this espresso blend brews up a rich, satisfying cup, much like the sugary crown of a créme brûlèe."

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I've been off around the country in various guises and at no point did a day go by I wasn't supping on a ground brown bean somewhere. This gloopy starbucks kick you in your face and slap your mumma offering is one of my favourite travelling coffees. It's dark and mysterious looking with a whiff to scare away the wimps. Every time I made one in my cafetierre I felt well hard, people are refusing my coffee cause 'i've made it too strong'. I hadn't though, it's just a beast of bean, that despite its brutus looks and animalistic aroma tastes divine and sits perfectly between weedy and meaty. I think the fact they've called it DARK is testament to the obvious marketing that needs no though when the product literally speaks for itself. Ok not literally speaks for itself cause coffee can't speak but if it could it would be right up in your face with scarily delivered, good advice. I'm giving this one a high five and 10/10