Starbucks Kenya Coffee Beans

Starbucks Kenya Coffee BeansThis looked great straight away - a nice gentle foam on the top. The only thing that detracted was it seemed to have an oily surface - almost like a mini oil slick swirling around in there. Once you get over that though, the taste is right up there. Us judges now know about the whole Kenya/Altitude/Citrus thing (thanks, Mike Riley of Taylors) so when we read about it on the side of the pack, we were ready to believe it. What was the first thing Judge Coughee said when he glugged it?  It tastes of fruit! Hank's still not quite having it though. I'm on it though - a definite lemony twang. It hits you the second it's in your mouth, but it doesn't linger on. When it's gone, it's gone. It's like a fruity bullet just grazing your tongue as it speeds past. A great coffee - would be a 9, but at the usual Starbucks extortionate price of £3.95, it can only score an 8/10 from me.

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"Beloved, like the elephant that symbolises it. Bold, like the sun coming up over the Great Rift Valley. And big – awash with a full-bodied juiciness that makes it instantly recognisable to its many, many fans. These qualities are all true of our Kenya coffee. You can recognize Kenya through its tell-tale citrus flavours – grapefruit most often, but sometimes lemon and sometimes tart orange. There’s a sparkle to this coffee, a bright acidity, that makes it so refreshing to drink. In fact, it's a terrific iced coffee on a hot summer day. Enjoy with: A fresh fruit salad"

Where you can buy it: 

You can but some Starbucks from Amazon or you can go in their shop. Duh.

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Ok so if you're new here I don't really believe in 'citrus', 'woody', 'chocolatey' and the other buzz words used. This one from Starbucks is called Kenyan and they are SCREAMING citrus at you from the packet. This is the bean version so I grinded them up to the coarse setting for our cafetiere and I kid you not the air was wet with lemons. I know they say Citrus but I smelt lemons and I was impressed. 3 minutes 30 seconds later and i'm pouring, I can still smell the lemons and i'm giddy as a geek with his Big Trak that has the rare jedi sounding lazer on it. Could this be the first actual citrus coffee, sure smells like it. At my desk myself, nooge and the 'cougheee' judges are admiring the dark colour, the slightly oily looking top and questioning if i'd over ground the beans. On finishing the coffee, no i hadn't :). It was a good brew and everyone enjoyed it. Also leaves that pleasant fresh air aroma. It had a good strong flavour with only a very slight after taste, no bitterness and very smooth. As for the flavour, I knew it, there is no such thing as Citrus. If you're an every day guy with a normal palette you're not going to pick up on the molecule of lemon that doesn't actually exist in the coffee but none the less an awesome offering and as Citrusy as it gets. One to savour and i'll be having more. The other starbucks had Blackcurrant written on it and whilst I didn't taste any of that either it was an equally fine blend. This I can only describe as 'lighter'. I hope to god i'm not making up my own buzz words :o. Get's an 8.5 out of 10 from and I think Starbucks warrant further investigation. There not just a big name it seems they know about coffee to. 10/10 for being the most refreshing coffee i've had in a long time.

I've been pretty critical of starbucks in the past, this probably has somthing to do with my impressionable nature and what I've picked up in the press about them being an evil coffee producing super-power. In much the same way I was convinced that when i first tried this coffee yesterday I could taste the lemon in my cup, due to the fruity claims on the packet. This morining was a different story, with no lemonyness - surley it couldn't loose its flavour in 24hrs??? Still an enjoyable brew, but it's lost a point on it's rating for now - perhaps it's an afternoon coffee, we shalll see.....