Starbucks Medium Colombia Coffee

Starbucks Medium Colombia CoffeeI could barely get this one down due to eating my own f*cking words at the same time! Starbucks = corporate shit. Colombia = coffee shit. Those were my words up until now. The Starbucks bit you can understand - glossy chain coffee shops selling just a "house blend", staffed by minimum wagers. They may sell a lot of real coffee in packs - but it's all over priced - this one is 4 quid a bag. Mind you - recent coffee price hikes means £3.50 is the entry level these days, so maybe I'm being harsh on them there. As for the Colombian thing - we all think their coffee will be so cool - those Colombians are famed for their stimulant production after all - but the coffees we've had have all been well under par. BUT... this one is a total blinder! Sorry Starbucks, sorry Colombia... this one is like ramming your face in a big hairy nut sack until you can no longer breath. Impossible to cock up in the making - every cup has been luscious. For taste this one is a 10/10 - but I've got to dock a point for the super-oily grind - the surface has floating tiny oil specks on it every time, leaving nasty ring marks down your cup as you pause to slurp. If you can get over that (or just glug it down in one) then it's second to none. Nice one Starbucks... at last. 9/10

What the Manufacturer's say: 

  "Six thousand feet – straight up. Sounds extreme, we know. But high atop the majestic Andes, in a rugged landscape of simmering volcanoes, is where the finest coffee beans in Colombia like to grow. And just as there are no shortcuts through the dirt paths that crisscross the sheer slopes, we take none when it comes to nurturing these treasured cherries to gourmet perfection. This Colombian marvel erupts on the palate with a juicy feel and robust flavors, a testament to the hearty riches of volcanic soils. Its remarkable finish, dry with hints of walnut, lifts this superior coffee into a class of its own. One sip and you’ll agree it’s worth every step of the climb."

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Although I couldn't quite taste the 'volcano' in this cup, the rest of the packets bold claims were vindicated after a couple of glugs. This is one of the finest South American, let alone Colombian coffee's I've tried, which as the judges have already pointed out, is hard to admit knowing it's company of origin. However, In the interest of fairness, I find it hard to imagine that Starbucks could be any more evil than Taylors or Tesco's... after all, they're all just grinding out a living.
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This one needs no backing or fancy make up, it's roar talent in a bag, a bag that looks like just any other. Bit like that Michael Collins dude from "Britain's got Talent", looked like any other dude but sounded great. He didn't win the show he was knocked out after round 1 but if he had been a cup of Columbian from Starbucks he may have gone on to rule the world with his musical notes like 'Citrus for the win' and 'Chocolate sugar coffee loving' Every time we made this it was faultless to taste, it looked dodgy as hell, it was shiny, had black bits floating in it and the grind itself was shiny and looked like it had been tampered with. But who gives a shit we paid 4 quid and had 12 amazing cups of coffee from it. I grabbed a Costa on the way to work this morning from a machine and it tasted awful. Recommend drinking this one with a donut of some kind. Like all coffee. 9/10 due to the ever so slight over bite that I can still taste ten minutes later. 9/10
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This coffee is delicious. Sharper than my usual Lavazza but well worth a sampling
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Taste: 6/10. Aroma: 6/10. Value: 7/10. Packaging: 9/10. Resealable: Yes. After the last Starbucks blend I tried: I wasn’t going to ever touch a starbucks product again but then I decided that was a stupid idea and just because one blend is bad, it doesn’t mean all the others will be. I decided to gamble it and give this a try. On the first brew I noticed the Aroma was “Okay.” – I sipped it and could tell this was a different coffee indeed. It has a nice, smooth and soft taste, along with a good aftertaste, it also has a little kick, it’s no where near perfect but it is a much better experience than the house blend, would I recommend this to anyone? No. Even though it has a very smooth and gentle taste to it which I normally recommend for family members, it cannot compete with Taylors Imperial. I know this review may sound a little negative – but it isn’t. this is the best starbucks I have had to date, it just doesn’t quite cut it, but it is close. Overall rating: 6/10. -Judge Shaun.