Starbucks Medium House Blend Coffee

Starbucks Medium House Blend CoffeeThe first thing to note about this one is the large grains - you can't stack up a big spoon of this stuff - it just slides straight off. It's almost as if after grinding it they washed it, which can't be good. It smells slightly ashey too. But on making this at our usual strength it comes out pretty good. OK it's not super-sophisticated - but it does the job and it pleasantly drinkable. There are plenty of other coffees out there though which are better than this one, and don't cost as much (this is a 4 quidder). So I would buy it again - but i'd be looking for anything else in preference! (6/10)

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"From our house to yours, a wonderfully balanced cup with notes of nut and cocoa and a touch of sweetness from the roast. It’s a hospitable blend of the finest Latin American beans that we’ve been offering to coffee lovers since the very beginning."

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Judge Hank's picture

With the grain already commented on I can recall when making this it looked dark, not dark like coffee, dark like the illusion of a bottomless pit and it lead me to believe my cup was about to be burnt through. Pleasantly the cup could hold this black blood of the earth and after a little milk and sugar it was delivered looking pretty smug about itself. The coffee itself had a full flavour that stuck around for a bit longer after drinking but did not seem to be a problem. I'm not a fan of lingering coffee but this one gets away with it and is certainly a break from the norm. All in all I put this up for a 6 maybe 7 and I know i've had a couple of starbucks coffees already that I really did enjoy so this ended on 6 as I know they have alot more to offer. Still a very strong and very tasty coffee and a lot of people will enjoy this one whilst the rest of you will be bouncing off the walls.
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Taste: 4/10. Aroma: 6/10. Value: 5/10. Packaging: 8/10. Resealable: Yes. I enjoy Starbucks from the actual Starbucks coffee shop so I thought this should taste similar. Boy was I wrong - I'm not saying its awful but I will say it taste similar to a cheap instant coffee. The coffee doesn't taste too great at all but the lingering taste it gives is nice. Overall rating: 5/10. -Judge Shaun. PS: This site doesnt allow me to add new coffees to review; the ones not on here are on my blog: . *On all tests I use 1.5tbs of ground per cup with some fresh milk to make them fair.
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So, I picked this up on my travels on Wednesday. Last night I decided to actually open the bugger and make a cup out of it. The first thing apparent was how black it was- compared to some other house blend stuff I had knocking around this was solid oil that was then crushed into granules. It also had a somewhat ashey smell but I persevered anyways. Making it the way I usually make coffee (ie: by completely ignoring the suggestions on the packet), I had a sip and it actually wasn't bad. It does have a generous kick to it. There's no citrus present which I for one am glad of- nothing ruins a cup of coffee more for me than citrus. I can get a hit of nuts but there's nothing in it that screams cocoa to me, but it's still a decent brew. 8/10 for me, despite the cost (over €5 here in Ireland). I would have docked it for the price but I've had costlier stuff.