Taylors After Dark Coffee

Taylors After Dark Coffee

The packaging on this says it’s is going to be good. Luxurious and still a healthy strength 5. I think we’ve been spoilt though by another knockout Lava Java this morning, because this one just lacks any depth at all. Rich and velvety is the description of the Java, not this. It’s hard to judge it objectively now – it needs to be the first of the day and not following in the Java’s wake. For now a 7/10... then updated to an 8/10!

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"After dark is when things get intersesting. For this stimulating blends, we've darkly roasted African, Latin American and Indonesian arabica beans for a velvety smooth coffee with a rich chocolatey flavour. It's the perfect way to keep the conversation flowing long into the night - whether you're putting the world to rights with friends, or just getting to know someone better."

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I don't know how I have skipped my review of this one!, I have sampled this two maybe three times over the week and I love it. These guys really seem to have there head screwed on when it comes to coffee and this one is one of the finer offerings. From the packaging to the final sip i'm always smiling. I know the Lava Java is currently on the pedastal but it's closely followed by all the other Taylors coffee and this one is next in line for me. I'm possibly susceptible to marketing strategy though as one look at the cooool packaging and I knew it was gonne be a winner. The Lazy Sunday I loved it, the Lava Java, the Columbian limited edition and this one all rate highly with me. I starred this as 9/10.

We've had two more of these and it's beeen upgraded. We ground it "course" this time and it came out a lot better.
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It's possibly the luckiest time of the week for a coffee to be reviewed. How can any coffee be bad on a sunny Friday when, and I quote 'everybodies looking forward to the weekend, weekend'. I already know the After Dark has been a winner in the past and opening a fresh pack fills the room with the joy about to come. The finished brew took around 6 minutes and was subjected to the usual pre heat of the cups and the obligatory 6 spooner helping for 3 cups. There was no powder floating on this one and every sip has been AWE - SOME!. Don't let the name on the packet fool you, you can drink this coffee any time of the day and you will be glad you chose this blend over the others. If you like a good strong coffee with a flavoursome kick, mouth watering aroma with no gammy after taste you seriously can't go wrong with this one. If you've been enjoying the strength 3's found on this site, steer clear of this brew, it's for men.
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I pretty much throw up my opinion after every coffee. This one is in my cupboard at home and I sneaked one in at work instead of doing a new one. Well received all around this is still packing a punch and proving to be a massive hit with those who didn't know which one I was brewing. A true testament to how good this coffee really is. Thumbs up again and again and again....