Taylors Colombia High Andes Coffee

    Taylors Colombia High Andes CoffeeFrom reading the blurb on the packet from Taylors (see below) you'd expect this to taste more like a fruit bowl than coffee. Well thank god it actually is coffee. The only way you'll taste "lemony citrus notes" in this is if you suck on a lemon for half an hour before hand. Why is "lemony" a desirable "note" to have anyway?  And what the f*#k is a "note" and why is it in my cup? Anyway - the coffee is pretty fine - heavy and full of flavour. There maybe is a slight metallic aftertaste - you can still feel the coffee ten minutes later. For that reason I'd take it down a peg from a Judges rating of 7 to 6.

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"This medium bodied coffee is grown in the foothills of the Andes, where perfect conditions allow the development of its character and spirit. The flavour bursts with lemony citrus notes and a hint of blackcurrent, followed by a nutty finish. The Colombian farmers invest the Fairtrade social premiums in improving local schools and protecting the forest where this delicious coffee grows."

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Judge Hank's picture

Someone in the office bought this packet of joy into the office and handed it over, off we went and made it to perfection. It was definitely a flavoursome coffee and one that had in my opinion a very good after taste. It smelt and looked like a coffee I wanted to drink and for a strength 3 i'm very pleased. Taylor just never fail to deliver. 7 from me for a strength 3. I still favour the 4's and 5's.
mrotter's picture

For those who like their coffee flavoursome, mild and without bitterness or excessive roasting, this is absolutely the top coffee. Unlike the other commentators on this coffee, I am a serious drinker of strength 3 coffees, as are many others I know. So the very negative remarks made on it should be totally dismissed if you prefer a mild coffee with a rich flavour. This is not on the basis of a one-off tasting, but on multiple years of drinking this as our main daily source. Yes, we enjoy others, but this one is absolutely the top!

even us Judges admit that this one one of our earlier tastings when we were just spotty teenagers... we're all grown up now and even LIKE lemon notes FFS! So... time for a revisit methinks