Taylors Rich Italian Coffee Beans

Taylors Rich Italian Coffee BeansWe had to have TWO of these before committing to a review. Why? Because the first one was so bloody awful - there's more kick in a thimble of Ovaltine. As it was beans and our bean-grinding history seems to be universally terrible, we decided to change approach. Grind it coarse to avoid our previous woes, but go for 6 spoons to make 3 cups. Well, that one was so grim I couldn't even finish it, so we ground this one medium and upped it to 7 spoons. The result is better. But that's not saying much - having just spent the weekend mainlining Lava Java and Red Bull, this really is not up to scratch. They claim strength 4! Ha! It'll get one last chance - finely ground - after that it's going in the bin. Rated 5/10

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I'll only review the one we made well. That is the one we made with a little extra coffee than normal and still it seems weak, had a flavour i liked but for a number 4 it really is a let down. However this is beans and not pre ground so maybe it's our fault but what can i do except review it. Again I love the taylors packaging, the smell, the fact it's whole beans makes me giddy but the coffee itself was not good for a strength 4 and as such has been given a 5/10.

Fine + 6 heaped was its only hope and it's worked to a certain degree. It's ok this time but now seems to have the aftertaste of a metal lemon. I'm leaving it as a 5.. and leaving it in the kitchen!
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It's the same but my tastes have changed. Just made a banging 4 spooner with a little extra sugar. I'm also having a fantastic Sunday Roast. I'd never be afraid to revisit a coffee you didn't like. Especially when someone else buys it for you. It's turned out ok but still won't be featuring on my must haves. Taylors have a diverse range and I urge to find the one that suits you best. Then be sure to let us know why it's your favourite.