Tesco Finest Colombian Supremo Coffee

Tesco Finest Colombian Supremo CoffeeA good white foam on this one - it looks fantastic. But the taste is dry, bitter and lemony. The aftertaste really stays on your tongue too - there's no escaping this one once you've swilled some down -you're committed to this thing for the next 15 minutes, like it or not. Maybe it needs a bit more sugar than normal to try and balance it out. It doesn't have that cheap French-Hypermarket-Coffee burn, but it may as well be as cheap as it's as undrinkable - just in a different way. A very low judge rating of 4/10.

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"This silky, full flavoured medium coffee is made from 100% Arabica beans originating from Colombia. It has a well rounded smooth flavour with a sweet aftertaste."

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Having made the brew myself I was confident we had the right quantity of coffee, the pre heat was complete, the sugar level was spot on and the milk was fresh. It's got Columbian and Supremo and Finest in the name, I was well excited to say the least and sat down to my coffee which I give a 5 at best. The review on the packet is kind of accurate it does have a lingering after taste but for me it's not sweet its metallic and not to my liking. I though finaly me and the nooge may disagree on a coffee but unbeknownst to me he's gone for a 4. Clearly it isn't just me. So if you agree with the Taylors reviews avoid this. If you want something with a bitter taste which i'm sure some of you do try this.
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After reading my previous i don't need to repeat it :). It still has that bittery after taste and this may just be the perfect hang over coffee.

It's def not great. Probably better than a rating of 4 which seems a little miserly. Still - that aftertaste is DEFINATELY there!