Union Hand Roasted Sumatra Takengon Coffee

Union Hand Roasted Sumatra Takengon Coffee

We were expecting the world from this for some reason. While it's not a bad brew, something was just not right. It doesn't seem fine, yet we ended up with a very powdery cup that had that dry, metallic taste. It smelt divine though - the whole building smelt like a coffee grinding mill. For now, we'll give it the benefit of the doubt and hope the error was in the making!  Judge rating (7/10)

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"Exquisite Coffee: There's a certain character only a truly great Sumatra arabica coffee can have. You'll find it here: a deep peaty tone and a velvety rich smoothness make this perfect for after-dinner to enjoy with an equally robust single malt.

Fairly Traded: High in the Aceh Mountains lies a jungle forest where the small farmers of the Gajah Mountain Co-operative dwell. We travel to these remote regions to learn about the 200 farmers of Panpemleus and Kaybaykan villages and exclusively bring you their delicious, sun dried coffee. Triple hand selected, these beans are know as "Extra Fancy".

Artisan Roasted: Experience is the key to roasting this coffee so that its rich body comes through. Slow development is needed and the excitement builds to the final moments when all seems to come together. Our artisan roast adds an amazing note of caramel with a bitter chocolate dimension."

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GUILTY! I'm not sure how it happened, I had the quantity right and the timings perfect, this promised to be an awesome brew and yet my cup was filled with powder making for a very dry finish to this afternoons kick. The office commented on the aroma of this grain which I think is testament to a coffee smell that made me weak in the knees. The taste whilst stilll pleasing is tainted by the dryness that follows owing to the powder that has seeped into my cup. The colour is darker and looks more instense than this mornings Lazy Sunday. All in all a very pleasing afternoon cup tainted with the dissapointing skill I have shown in it's creation. On my list for this evening is a new cafetierre.