Vascobelo Le Roi Coffee Beans

Vascobelo Le Roi Coffee BeansThis is our second pack from the crowd at and at first glance you don't even know you're on to a new pack. It looks exactly the same, save the words "Le Roi" have been cut and paste over the name of whatever the last one was. Despite the Stepford Wive's packaging, this is another great coffee which, again, we simply could not balls up. Not that we try to make a hash of it for fun - but it's been busy around here and sometimes you just have to chuck the coffee at the machine from the other side of the room and hope for the best. We didn't get any of the pallets of fruit they claim are in this one - take it from us, this stuff is just coffee - but it still got everyone fired up around here. We loved it - it was definitely a smooth quoff - the only slight flaw we could find is if we really cranked it up to make a super strong one it started getting a slight metallic taste. Not overbearingly so like some are when you turn them up to 11, but it does tail off a bit. Anyway - mine's getting cold so I better get back to it.  8/10

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"TASTE This coffee has an unprecedented mildness. A sensual delight, created with a fine balance of subtle aromas. The rich body displays a taste pallet of fruit, caramel, nuts, chocolate, a tinge of almond and honey. It all mixes together perfectly into a full-bodied and silky blend. STORY Our Le Roi is a blend that has been carefully composed of the very best coffee beans from coffee-producing countries such as Brazil, Costa Rica, Zambia, Java and Rwanda. Vascobelo's founder, Marc De Roeck, developed this ‘magic’ blend in co-operation with Belgium's most critical coffee tasters.  The coffee is 100% Arabica, Rainforest Alliance certified and fair trade. It took years to put together Le Roi, during which time nothing was left to chance. Le Roi only contains coffee beans from plantations with Rainforest Alliance certification. This quality mark is a guarantee that the coffee beans are grown with respect for the environment, people and animals."

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