Whittard Christmas Coffee

Whittard Christmas CoffeeThe word "Christmas" on a coffee - or indeed anything - should always make you nervous and this is proof of that. As soon as you open the packet you just want to gag - it's sickly sweet and generally repulsive. Just the waft from the packet is making me sneeze. The brewed cup is even worse - it's only drinkable for a few sips - and even then only because you feel you have to, out of disbelief that anything could be this bad. It's full of cooking chocolate, milk powder, ground nuts or wet cardboard or something equally as nauseating. Imagine if you aged some Baileys in a cardboard barrel for 10 years, and then heated it up. It deserves a 1/10 - but I'm giving it a 2/10. Why? Because they intended it to be this way and I admire their balls.

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Can't argue, the coffee isn't coffee it's nutmeg and cinnamon and chocolate and other spicery stuff, crushed with some coffee powder. It's certainly unique and why not at christmas time. For those who don't drink coffee for instance this might be considered quite a pleasant offering. It has a very non coffee smell to it, looks creamy and tastes odd. But then as stated the packet is quite clear about this so if you bought it thinking it was coffee you obviously don't read professional reviews, or the coffee packet. We can't help everyone. Mulled wine also springs to mind and maybe that's what christmas is about. Taking the norm, adding some colour and spicing it up a bit. This fits perfectly. 5/10 not for coffee but because it's christmas.