Whittard Colombian Coffee

Whittard Colombian CoffeeThe notion of this one is a cheeky little monkey messing around with a magic tea pot hanging about on a branch. Despite all that nonsense, this is a nice little brew. It's a strength 3 but has a really good and powerful taste. It's just lacking some depth - it's shallower than Jodie Marsh on Mastermind. As soon as you've swallowed - it's gone. Yes, that's another reference to Jodie Marsh. It's a great afternoon coffee - or one to keep dosing up on all day long. You'll never feel like you've had too many, but you'll enjoy each one. I may even buy a bigger pack....  8/10

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"From Andean slopes, richly aromatic with notes of citrus. Our Colombian beans come from small farms scattered across the steep humid slopes of the Andean mountains. The plantations are rooted in rich volcanic soil and shaded by the dripping fronds of banana and rubber trees. The coffee is known for its silken, aromatic flavour. It is medium bodied with a richly complex taste that balances pleasing acidity with soft sweetness. Harvested all year round, Colombian captures the exotic taste of its origin."

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It's another judge falsehood of mine that coffee with Columbian in the name is always good. I feel i've been correct about this for a while now and this one is no exception. It really is a good tasting wholesome kind of coffee that leaves you warm inside. It also does not linger so if you're off out immediately after it's a winner! I really enjoyed drinking this and I still adore the little Whittard boxes. There colourful and make your morning coffee just that little bit more interesting. It's an apetising 8/10 from me and Columbia is still one of the best buzz words.