Whittard Guatemalan Elephant Coffee

Whittard Guatemalan Elephant Coffee

The first thing you notice with this one is the aroma - it's leaping out of the cup to put it's hands around your throat. In the cup it looks velvety and chocolatey - there's no way you can leave this one to get cold. This is a strength 4 buts it's packing a mellow strength 5 - you know it's doing you the right kind of damage but you're blissfully unaware of it as it just slips down. The only minor grumble is the super-fine grind resulting in a final mouthful of mud at the bottom of the cup which leaves you with a slightly tainted parting memory of this one. 8/10

What the Manufacturer's say: 

  “Heavy roast that actually delivers. Well balanced flavours. No ashiness. Big, brave and bold – and it worked. Some gentle chocolate.” Great Taste Awards judges. "Rare outsized beans redolent with a honey-sweet taste. These huge 'elephant' beans come from very rare Arabica bushes. They are prized for their enormous size and particularly rich taste. Small plantations on the fertile volcanic slopes of Lake Atitlan combine their precious harvests and take them to local cooperatives to be pulped. The giant beans are then roasted to a deep shade of mahogany to bring out their full-bodied taste. A decadently rich coffee, shimmering with notes of honey and chocolate."

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NOO not again, phew it's a strength 4, with an elephant on the front. I'm hoping for big things and I got it. This little brewster had the cafetierre gagging for it and after this yesterdays nats piss, I can't blame it. It was a good start to today's morning and i'm writing the review this afternoon after a real sickly coffee. I'm currently wishing there was an elephant in the room but sadly this little gem from Whittard has been finished. The Guatemalan Elephant brigade has struck gold and I notched this up to 8/10 with a heavy price tag down to 7.