Whittard Kenya Coffee

Whittard Kenya CoffeeThe initial smell of this coffee bodes well - the lemony twang you expect from a Kenyan - and I don't mean a marathon runner. But this is a strength TWO - which as we all know, means weak as hell. There is no such thing as a strength one - the scale starts at two - so this is as weak as it gets. And it's true - this one has all the right hints of quality that you'd look for - but just not enough of them. It's like having a quickie behind the bike sheds - alright but just not satisfying, leaving you wanting more. Your mum would like this one for sure - and I don't mean the quickie. Or maybe she would - who knows - I've not seen her in a while. We're on a trial separation.  6/10

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"A rare form of coffee 'peas', complex and fruity. Inside a ripening coffee cherry nestle two twin beans, very occasionally coffee develops to form a single round 'pea' which grows to fill the cherry - hence the term 'peaberry'. These prized peas are considered to have a more developed flavour and special sieves are used to separate them from the rest of the crop. This Kenyan Peaberry is lightly roasted to preserve its piquant layered flavour with the balanced fruit acidity typical of the region."

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Well I was very excited I can tell you, I walked into a shop and they had jars of coffee beans like they used to have jars of sweets, instead of Rhubarb and Custards this shop was flogging Guatemalan Elephant and Kenya Peaberries. I picked them both up and was gleefully anticipating the Kenyan one. Until I tried it that was, i'm sorely let down. I was under the impression Kenya kind of meant Lemony and Peaberry meant bursting with flavour. If you believe the crap on some packets this is what they mean. On this pack it meant weedy and bland. I was so happy to start with I didn't care the staff hadn't bothered ticking the peaberry box on the label or filled out the expiry date. Now though it just pisses me off they're so lazy. It's amazing what a difference a good/bad coffee makes to ones mood. I finally settled on 5/10 because it was ok. Just so much crappier than I hoped. It later transpired it's a strength 2. Well my apologies to Whittard but you still get 5 for not even making it clear in the shop what the strength is. 5/10