Whittard Monsoon Malabar Coffee

Whittard Monsoon Malabar CoffeeWe've had a Monsoon Malabar before from Waitrose, and we didn't like it, so we're not expecting much here. The package seems to suggest that a toffish bird can take it, where as a chavvy parrot will be left reeling from this bad boy.  The initial smell off of the cup is what we expected - filthy, dirty and harsh. So you kind of hold your nose before diving in - but initial gulps would have you believe that this one 'aint bad! Strong - yes - but not quite such a filth-monger as the name would suggest. As you go down the cup though, the after taste on the tongue builds up and the grinds from the bottom well up and start to choke you. It's just about OK, but only for serious coffee fans. The average parrot best stick to his millet. 6/10

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"An exotic favourite, matured in the monsoon storms. One of our best-loved and exotic coffees. Legend has it that during the long, humid voyages from the Malabar Coast to Europe the cargoes of coffee beans mellowed and lost their acidity, gaining a pale heavy sweetness, which proved an unexpected hit. Today to achieve that same taste beans are exposed to the Monsoon winds until they ripen and mellow. The resulting coffee has a monotone smoothness with a sweet spicy kick."

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Well the beans have been matured in the monsoon storms. Sounds great although if bad weather helps why not grow it in the UK. This coffee is from a box of coffees that you purchase as a gift, and it's a fine gift I love the fact the little boxes tell a little story and the little pack of coffee only makes 4 or 5 little coffees. It's all so quaint and you can't get bored because the moment you're bored your on a new pack and the excitement starts all over again. A fellow judge also spotted Monsoon Malabar and remembered it from a Waitrose packet that went down badly. So in anticipation of shite I glugged at the dark brown muddy liquid in my cup and was surprised that whilst it had that dirty taste that I find bitter and gag worthy it was only in small proportion and offset against the flavour of the coffee itself gave this particular cup a strong punchy kind of feel that in all fairness i finished till the last drop. It's now 1 hour later and the dam thing is still burning my stomach so..... A good to drink with too much after negative effect. Dam i'm not even sure that makes sense, so just go try it for yourself. It feels like it could bust through a flavoursome meal though. Possibly a very suitable coffee to have with a ketchup smothered Full English. 6/10