Whittard Santos and Java Coffee

Whittard Santos and Java CoffeeThis is a real punchy little Whittard. It's a strength 5, and it tastes it - don't give this one to your mum thinking you can dumb it down and it'll all be ok, because it won't. The smell off the freshly brewed cup is powerful and enticing - there's no way you can forget this one and leave it to go cold by mistake. In fact, I never even put the cup down. 8/10

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"From either side of the globe, dark, rich and very aromatic. One of our most popular blends, this dark velveteen coffee combines Brazilian Santos and Indonesian Java. Santos from the rolling plains of Southern Brazil has a smooth full-bodied taste with just the right fruity acidity. It combines perfectly with the luxuriant heavy sweetness of Java, from the humid volcanic slopes of the Ijen Plateau. The resulting coffee has a depth of taste with a balanced acidity and glorious aroma."

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Judge Hank's picture

I was absent when this was on the offering. It was a fine way to start that Whittard box of 9 coffees though.