Starbucks Tanzania Citrus and Blackcurrant Coffee

Starbucks Tanzania Citrus and Blackcurrant CoffeeOur first Starbucks - people have been asking Where are the Starbucks?!!  So we picked this one to start, drawn in by the idea that this tastes of black currants. First things first: it doesn't. Again we fall foul of the self grind and I think over grind it, giving a very muddy coffee resulting in a dry taste. There's nothing else that stands out about this - which is shocking considering the whopping £4.25 price tag. That's nigh on double the cost of a packet of the Taylors Hot Lava Java. Needs a second try. Initial Judge rating just 5/10!

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"Like the diverse continent they come from, our African coffees offer an array of marvelous tastes and experiences. Each coffee is truly distinct yet enticingly delicious, like our medium bodied Tanzania. Grown in East Africa's fertile Rift Valley, it has a crisp, clean flavour and pleasing citrusy notes."

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Well, I liked this coffee but it was dry and yes we ballsed up the making of the coffee which is too important to ignore. I haven't rated it yet i'm waiting for the perfect brew. I think this is going to be very good. I liked the packaging as well makes you feel like your about to drink a good coffee which is if nothing else, a good start.

We've had two more of these and it's beeen upgraded. We ground it "course" this time and it came out a lot better.
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Hmm this mornings one was awesome, being open clearly hasn't affected these beans, had a fantastic flavour today and maybe it was because I was half asleep but when this cuppa was done I was very sad to have finished it. The beans were ground to a medium rather than fine for today's particular blend.
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To be honest I can't find Citrus or Blackcurrant but whatever this little beauty is having I want some more. I'm singing on a wave of coffee hysteria and the heatwave outside is over. I can see now it's going to be a good day and that's mostly due to picking the right blend for the morning. IIRC this one has never let us down and being in bean form has kept it fresh over the couple of weeks. I would almost pump it to an 8 today but I won't do that it's a bracket reserved for the Tyson's. However this is a 7++ and although it's not overly strong it feels like i'm drinking a real good coffee that actually doesn't want to let me down. This could be the start of something special.

Today was the last from the pack. Proper grinding and brewing ended up with a top notcher. All this proves is that the earlier ones are down to The Hank's shoddy workmanship. It's now up to an 8/10